Shréya raises £4000 for charity

Delight CEO Kathryn Mills receiving Shréya’s donation.

Delight’s newest fundraiser swims to success.

Over the summer, 10-year-old Shréya raised more than £4000 for Delight and Msalura Primary School in Malawi by swimming 1km every day for 34 days in Caterham’s De Stafford pool. She was inspired to take on the challenge after David Walliams, one of her favourite authors, swam 34km across the English Channel in one of the top 50 fastest times.

Shréya says: “Seeing all the donations for good causes really moved me and made me want to do it myself. I used to really struggle with confidence and being shy both in and outside of the classroom… That was before I developed a passion for arts and drama, which helped me develop my self-esteem and grow my confidence. I want to give other children the same opportunity. Every penny we raise is going to help hundreds of children.”

“Every penny we raise is going to help hundreds of children.”


The money raised for Delight will go towards helping more children in Surrey gain access to arts-based learning through the Delight in Shakespeare programme, which aims to build drama skills and confidence in children and develop teachers’ drama practice in the classroom.

Shréya at the pool.

The other half of the money raised will go to Msalura primary school in Malawi which is partnered with Shréya’s primary school and offers a programme aimed at getting girls into education.

‘Thanks to a generous donation from Essendene Lodge School we have been able to offer further help with providing PPE, as schools re-opened on 22nd February, and also provide some food aid of maize and beans to the most needy children which we hope will tide their families over until the harvest later this month. I am happy to confirm that we will sponsor eight new 14-year-old girls to begin secondary education, bringing the total to 20. The overall cost of paying fees, an annual allowance for books and equipment and final year exam fees comes to around £1,500 a year and we have been able to sustain this commitment thanks to regular donations from our generous supporters.’ (Source)

What an amazing achievement, Shréya! Delight is very grateful for your incredible fundraising efforts.

Find out more about Shréya’s fundraising challenge on her JustGiving page.

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