Delight supports schools in closing the opportunity and attainment gap for children affected by disadvantage or additional needs. 

Our programmes focus on improving children’s engagement in learning, developing essential life skills, increasing well-being, and boosting confidence to explore creativity and broaden horizons.


92% of parents and carers believe the Delight programme was a positive experience for their child.


All programmes contributed to the development of technical vocabulary and arts knowledge.


Confidence in arts increased amongst all children and they felt more able to express themselves through the arts.

We are proud to have industry-leading research on the impact of arts-based learning as part of all of our programmes, in partnership with our independent evaluation partner ImpactEd. 

Thanks to funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we have partnered with ImpactEd on a 3.5-year study to track the progress of children and teachers participating in our programmes. We share research findings to inspire and support educators and artists to incorporate arts-based learning within primary schools.