Rainforest Retreat

Rainforest Retreat is a creative education programme delivered by Delight in partnership with Paintbox, and selected primary schools.

Over six weeks, children work with practicing artists from Paintbox and their class teacher to explore a range of art materials and techniques. This builds children’s creative confidence, resilience and wellbeing whilst improving their visual arts knowledge and skills to enrich topic learning.

Children work with professional artists from Paintbox to develop skills in drawing, pattern and paper-craft to create a range of 2D and 3D artworks which transform the classroom into the Amazon Rainforest. Friends and family are invited to a private view of an in-school exhibition.


92% of participating children enjoyed their experience.


75% of children eligible for Pupil Premium increased academic outcomes.


89% of participating children want to do more art.

Arts Partners

Rainforest Retreat was created by Delight and is delivered in partnership with Paintbox and Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village.

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