Delight’s Top No & Low-Cost Creative Resources

It’s no secret that being creative can bring a host of benefits, from reducing stress to enhancing problem-solving skills and well-being. Whether you’re a teacher who wants to add more creativity to the classroom or an individual who wants to explore their artistic side at home, our selection of top picks for affordable and free inspiring creative resources won’t disappoint.

Scrap Stores

Scrap stores are hidden gems that many are unaware of. These stores collect discarded materials that can be used for creative projects. They resell them at a fraction of the original cost or run with a low-cost membership fee. They are a great resource for artists, crafting enthusiasts, and teachers looking to find unique materials. Check out these Scrap Stores in the Southeast:

Sound Effects

The BBC Sound Effects Library is an excellent resource to find a range of sounds that you can download for free. Adding sound effects to performances, or presentations can add an extra layer of drama and excitement. Also, they can add lots of fun for children roleplaying with toys at home. Additionally, BBC Bitesize has an extensive collection of sound clips for different subjects and themes.

Warm-up Online

Get your little ones energised and ready for the day ahead with some fun movement warm-up activities. Sites like Go Noodle, Cosmic Kids, and Boogie Beebies offer a range of simple and engaging activities that are perfect for younger children.


The Royal Shakespeare Company website is an excellent resource for theatre materials. The website has a dedicated section called the Shakespeare Learning Zone, which contains a wide range of resources for teaching Shakespeare, including lesson plans, videos, and interactive games.

Free Arts Award Training

Looking to gain new skills in delivering Arts Award? Don’t miss out on Artswork’s free online training session. This informative session covers Arts Award’s aims, practical advice for first-time delivery, and many more top tips and support. Book on Eventbrite.

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